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Easy & Simple ways to Buy & Sell crypto with Momo Pay on TransFi

Published on
June 9, 2023
Written by
TransFi Team
Read time
3 Mins
Payment Partners

TransFi Team

MomoPay is a popular mobile payment platform in Vietnam that has gained significant traction since its launch in 2014. The platform allows users to perform a range of financial transactions, including paying bills, buying tickets, and transferring money to friends and family. Momo which is short for ‘Mobile Money’, has become a popular choice for many Vietnamese consumers due to its convenience and accessibility in a country with a generally young and tech savvy crowd, who are quick to embrace new technology and digital solutions.

Key factors contributing to MomoPay’s success in Vietnam is the rapid adoption of smartphones and easy availability of mobile internet. With more than 70% of the population owning a smartphone and mobile internet penetration around 60%, the country has become a fertile ground for mobile payment platforms like MomoPay to grow and expand on user acquisition.

Why use MomoPay for transactions:

The platform has formed partnerships with several major banks, enabling users to link their bank accounts to their MomoPay accounts and facilitating seamless transactions between the two. This feature has helped to build trust and confidence in the platform, particularly among users who may have been hesitant to adopt mobile payments in the past.

MomoPay has also gained significant traction among small businesses, particularly those in the retail and hospitality sectors. The platform has enabled small businesses to accept electronic payments, which were previously not possible due to the high costs associated with traditional payment methods. TransFi has integrated Momo to its on ramp and off ramp crypto service to target that segment of the market who is comfortable buy crypto paying in Vietnamese Dong via Momo pay.

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