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The Story Behind TransFi

TransFi was founded in 2022 to enable Web3 access to the next billion users in Emerging Markets. We offer fiat-to-crypto onramp and offramp solutions with easy user experience, in local payment methods, with great conversion rates and at the lowest processing fees. Our world-class team of Crypto OGs, Payments professionals and Tech Gurus provide online & offline merchants with convenient acceptance of both fiat & crypto and makes crypto products accessible to all users.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the access layer for every user in Emerging Markets looking to onramp & offramp into Web3, with the widest coverage of payment methods and best-in-class conversion rates

Our Ethos

We love huge goals and big dreams pursued with passion by a team of exceptionally talented people. Magic happens when talent cares for users and builds ambitious products

The Amazing Team Behind Our Company

Team MemberRaj Kamal

Chief Executive Officer

Team MemberSiddharth Ramesh

Chief Technology Officer

Team MemberNandhirajan Pandiaraj

Vice President, Engineering

Team MemberGarry H

Regional Head Southeast Asia

Team MemberPradhan Prasad

Engineering & Socials

Team MemberDeepak Singh

Full-Stack Developer

Team MemberRoshan Pinto

Social Media Manager

Team MemberPayaswani Shukla

Sr. Manager Compliance

Team MemberKumar Gandharv Singh

Full-Stack Developer

Team MemberSamriddhi Agarwal

Chief of Staff to the CEO

Team MemberParth Pawar

UI/UX Designer

Team MemberPrashanth BR

QA Engineer

Team MemberSibasish Mohanty

Sr. Devops Engineer

Team MemberJithendra Kumar

Frontend Developer

Team MemberAbhisek Shaw

Customer Success Manager

Team MemberSaurabh Singh

Full-Stack Engineer

Team MemberSrinivas Simha

Sr. Finance Manager

Team MemberFalguni Sharma

Full-Stack Engineer

Shubham BhandariShubham Bhandari

Sr. Finance Manager

Team MemberPoovarasan Ponnusamy

Full-Stack Engineer

The Values That Drive Everything We Do

Point Number 01

Relentless Innovation

People expect and require innovation and invention from themselves and their colleagues and always find ways to simplify.

Point Number 02

Right To Disagree

People are obligated to respectfully challenge decisions when they disagree, even when doing so is uncomfortable or exhausting.

Point Number 03

Respect For Colleagues

People listen attentively, and treat others respectfully. They are culturally sensitive to the impact of words and tone on their colleagues.

Point Number 04

Rally And Commit

Our people rally to a cause once a decision is taken and commit to giving it whatever they have

Point Number 05

Rationally Act Like Owner

Our people take every decision in the company as an owner, avoiding short-termism and practising frugality

Point Number 06

Read And Learn Continuously

Our people continuously learn & hone their skills. They are curious as a child

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