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How can we integrate with TransFi?

Integration with TransFi is easy and quick. Here are the steps:

  1. Business details: Once you click the ’Integrate with TransFi’ or ‘Contact Sales’ button, a web form will appear. Fill out the web form with basic details about your business and submit it.
  2. Login Credentials: You can then create your account by entering your email address (which will be your username) and an OTP to access the Customer Dashboard in a sandbox environment, where you can explore our widget.
  3. KYB (Know Your Business) & BSA (Business Services Agreement): Complete your KYB (Know Your Business) form and sign a BSA (Business Services Agreement) to be successful onboarded.
  4. API Keys: Once you are successfully onboarded, you will get the API keys to the Production environment to go live with TransFi.

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