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TransFi partners with Volt, a global real-time payment specialist enabling faster onramps and fund transfers

November 2, 2023

TransFi and Volt have unveiled a partnership aimed at expanding the traditional financial services landscape. TransFi, a leading access layer to Web3 with its robust on-ramp and off-ramp solutions, is teaming up with Volt, a major player in building an open banking gateway that enables global real-time payments, all set to deliver enhanced accessibility and seamless ramps to Web3.

With TransFi's vast coverage of local payment methods across the world in currencies native to the respective regions, coupled with Volt’s industry-leading connectivity, provides a strong base for users and businesses to experience easy and smooth onboarding to the decentralized and borderless world of Web3.

We’re kicking off the integration starting with payment methods supported by the EPC (European Payments Council) i.e., SEPA Credit Transfers and QR Code based Euro transfers in the Eurozone region. Users can pay by simply scanning the details with a smartphone camera which makes it super quick and simple, while involving no hassles like manual errors or typos. The partnership will enable TransFi to facilitate modern payment services to its fast growing customer base in Europe. Going forward, we’re looking to integrate native payments from other regions like Latin America as well.

"Very much excited to have this partnership with Volt which helps us expand our footprint further into the Eurozone market. Open banking and QR based SEPA payments have pretty much solved the complexities with traditional ways of making payments and has opened new doors to a seamless and friendly payments experience in real time. Overall, we're looking forward to a fruitful and long term collaboration together”, said Garry Huang, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of TransFi.

Matt Komorowski, Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) of Volt said “Our partnership with TransFi will enable its community to buy a range of cryptocurrencies quickly and securely. Our real-time payments technology perfectly aligns with TransFi’s aim to champion the best future-facing payment methods. Depositing via your bank account is faster and safer than by card or manual bank transfer, and moves us to a point where the exchange of value is instant. We look forward to helping TransFi investors seize these benefits.”

About TransFi

TransFi is a fiat to crypto on-ramp and off-ramp solutions provider focused on emerging markets with the widest coverage of native payment methods in addition to cards and bank transfers with a very high conversion rate, supports local currencies, local ID, and local languages, offering easy user experience with low entry barrier and at the lowest processing fees. The company is currently LIVE in over 100+ countries for credit & debit cards and another 100+ payment methods in local currencies. We are actively integrating all major payment methods in the Eurozone region. We aim to enable Web3 access for the next billion users around the globe with deep focus on emerging markets like Asia, Latin America, and Africa. TransFi is registered in Lithuania as TransFi UAB.

About Volt

Founded in 2019, Volt is building the infrastructure for global instant payments. Today, its open payments gateway allows merchants and PSPs to process transactions securely between accounts held at more than 5,000 banks in the UK, the EU and Brazil. Volt’s unique aggregation model provides unrivaled open payments reach and maximizes the speed, security and resilience of transactions. For further information, please visit: https://www.volt.io

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