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TransFi is now among the onramp providers for new age crypto exchange IXFI

October 26, 2023

TransFi team is delighted to announce our partnership with the new age centralized crypto exchange IXFI. Due to this partnership, TransFi will feature as one of the fiat to crypto onramp providers on the IXFI platform, providing some of the most competitive rates paired with a very high transaction success rates. With simplistic design for currency and crypto selection, users can seamlessly buy crypto on IXFI using local currencies of their preference.

With TransFi's wide range of coverage of local payment methods across the world in currencies native to the respective regions in addition to credit/debit cards and bank transfers, while accepting local IDs for verification and low entry barrier, coupled with IXFI’s vast array of cryptocurrencies to trade from, attractive reward points in crypto, intuitive user experience with custody of user’s digital assets makes it a really sweet deal for anyone who wants to start off their Web3 journey their crypto exchange.

This partnership will further boost our mission to expand our global footprint in order to fulfil our mission to keep striving to achieve global Web3 adoption.

"We're excited to have this partnership with IXFI, who is a new age crypto exchange building massive capabilities as a fiat to crypto aggregator as well. This integration of TransFi on IXFI platform adds further boost our mission to propagate crypto adoption in emerging markets using local payment methods. Overall we're looking forward to a long term collaboration together”, said Raj Kamal, CEO of TransFi.

"Integrating TransFi into the IXFI ecosystem resonates with our vision of being the world's premier Buy Crypto platform, dedicated to facilitating seamless cryptocurrency purchases. As a Gen 3.0 Crypto Exchange, our commitment lies in providing user-friendly and cost-effective financial solutions on a global scale. We anticipate a fruitful, enduring partnership with TransFi, as our objectives and values are in perfect alignment.", says Cristian Andrei, CEO & Co-founder of IXFI.

About TransFi

TransFi is a crypto on-ramp and off-ramp solutions provider focused on emerging markets with the widest coverage of native payment methods, very high conversion rate, supports local currencies, local ID and local languages, offering easy user experience with low entry barrier and at the lowest processing fees. The company is currently LIVE in over 100+ countries for credit & debit cards and another 100+ payment methods in local currencies. We are actively integrating all major payment methods globally. We aim to enable Web3 access for the next billion users around the world with deep focus on emerging markets like Asia, Latin America, and Africa. TransFi is registered in Lithuania as Trans-Fi UAB.

About IXFI

As a Gen 3.0 Crypto Exchange on a mission to facilitate the global adoption of digital currencies, IXFI is innovating the crypto landscape, transforming advanced Blockchain products into user-centric, intuitive applications, focusing on user education and growth within a gamified, transparent ecosystem. Offering a unique blend of services, IXFI empowers users to buy, trade, earn, and spend cryptocurrencies while enjoying a gamified learning experience. With initiatives like the innovative Rewards and Steps Program, users can earn free crypto rewards, reinforcing IXFI’s commitment to expanding access to the crypto sphere. Through transparency, compliance, and user-centric design, IXFI bridges the gap between the traditional and digital currency worlds with a clear mission to onboard the next 100 Million users. IXFI is registered as IXFI CRYPTO WORLD UAB in Lithuania.

Website: https://www.ixfi.com/

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