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TransFi expands capabilities to European local payment methods in partnership with Danish fiat infrastructure provider Januar

September 8, 2023

TransFi and Januar unveiled a partnership aimed at expanding the crypto financial services landscape. TransFi, a leading crypto on-ramp and off-ramp solutions provider, is teaming up with Januar, a renowned financial infrastructure partner for crypto businesses, to deliver enhanced accessibility and compliance within the industry.

With TransFi's vast coverage of local payment methods across the world in currencies native to the respective regions, coupled with Januar's compliant payment services and instant settlement network, this collaboration is set to enhance the standards of crypto financial services. By integrating major payment methods in the Eurozone region, the partnership will enable TransFi to facilitate and further expand its global footprint to boost crypto and Web3 adoption. Januar's payment institution license from the Danish FSA adds a layer of regulatory credibility to the collaboration. Together, the strengths of both companies will contribute to bridging traditional financial systems with the decentralized Web3.0 world.

"We're really excited to have this partnership with Januar which gives us access to the Eurozone market where we're operating. Their innovative products are really critical in growing our European business and we also deeply appreciate their strong customer support which is super helpful during critical moments. Overall we're looking forward to a long term collaboration together”, said Garry Huang, COO of TransFi.

Simon Ousager, Co-CEO & Founder of Januar, emphasized the value of the partnership: "Our collaboration emphasizes the importance of modernizing fiat payment infrastructure. Januar's trust, compliance, and core financial infrastructure is well matched with TransFi's mission and we are excited about this partnership."

About TransFi

TransFi is a crypto on-ramp and off-ramp solutions provider focused on emerging markets with the widest coverage of native payment methods, very high conversion rate, supports local currencies, local ID and local languages, offering easy user experience with low entry barrier and at the lowest processing fees. The company is currently LIVE in over 100+ countries for credit & debit cards and another 100+ payment methods in local currencies. We are actively integrating all major payment methods in the Eurozone region. We aim to enable Web3 access for the next billion users around the globe with deep focus on emerging markets like Asia, Latin America, and Africa. TransFi is registered in Lithuania as TransFi UAB.

About Januar

Januar is the financial infrastructure partner for crypto businesses. The company enables seamless and compliant money flows by offering fiat business accounts and payment services together with its instant settlement payment network JIN (Januar Instant Network). Januar holds a payment institution license with the Danish FSA (Financial Supervisory Authorities) and serves customers across all EEA markets.

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